Edit My Fluff

Word Revision = Complete Communication

Who We Are (and What We Do)

As a small business owner, you need that extra edge of word revision to get your message heard in the right places. At Reyburn Enterprises, we want your communication to glow in a world of murky, clunky sentences. Don't settle for mediocre communication. 

We follow the Five-Step Editing Program:
  1. Open the Word (or PDF) document, click "Track Changes".
  2. Edit once for obvious issues (grammar, spelling, and phrases).
  3. Edit twice for content issues (poor readability or flow).
  4. Preview third for any missed areas.
  5. Send 'Unclean' (showing tracked changes) and 'Clean' (showing revisions accepted) to client.

Let us sort through your piles of Words, organize them, and send them back to you in a new suit and sporty tie.