Edit My Fluff

Word Revision = Complete Communication

Q: So, you're an editor. That means you can write for me on any topic!

A: Not quite; after working as a ghostwriter, I found that only research-heavy topics were interesting to me. For instance, I was able to find out a great deal of information about Lap Band Surgery after writing 90 press releases, and then I hit a wall. One client required constant rewrites of infographic material for universities, and the third revision on the Power of Photography was final.

Q: Which documents can you work with?

A: Word is the best document for making track change revisions. However, I can also work with PDFs, PowerPoint slides, or WordPress pages.

After a few years of working as a legal secretary, I can also transcribe audio files into content (Word documents or their equivalent), or clean up OCR documents littered with errors.

Q: What kind of editing do you do?

A: Content editing is the process of taking words that have already been written and making them better (clearer, more understandable, etc). It's like taking a car to a mechanic's shop; the mechanic will fix the problems or prevent new problems, but he won't rebuild the whole car.

I also remove content clogs so that people better understand your message, either by choosing different words, or deleting sentences that don't fit.

Q: Can you give me a reduced price?

A: I can be flexible, especially for a really interesting project. For instance, if you send me an ebook on technical topics spiced with stories, such as an interview about your job as waterfall manager at Niagra Falls or international spy secrets that you uncovered from the 1960s, I just may offer the Groovy Cool Person discount ("GCP"). If your ebook on health and wellness begins with the words "This book will change your life," then we have a lot of work to do and my rates will be standard.